What makes a good Web designer?

“Technical knowledge aside, what makes for a good Web designer?”

In addition to technical knowledge, there are many other key elements and
characteristics that define whether a web designer is good or bad. A good web
designer needs to be familiar with the entire design process. This is comprised of the
initial client meeting, discovering the needs of the client, planning and researching the users, and to realize the design.

To be a good web designer, it is important to use words effectively because a website
communicates what the site is and what it does. Essentially, a website is a form of
brand communication because the web designer is using words and themes to describe information to users via a website.

From Creative Bloq,

“Design isn’t just about making things look good. It takes far more
than good taste and understanding colour theory to make you a good designer.”

A good web designer needs to have an eye for design, establish a theme, and know the visual balance because it plays a psychological influence on users. For example, color is the first element that catches the user’s attention; thus, it is the core of a website and influences whether a user likes or dislikes the website based on the initial look.

It is important for a good web designer to listen to the clients and the users.

As Creative Bloq stated,

“It’s about what goals the target users have and what they need from you to meet those goals … It’s about finding out who they are, by using data, trend research and common sense. It’s about doing user testing and actually listening to REAL USERS!”

Listening to the clients is important to identify the needs and to identify what
is the purpose of the website. Therefore, researching about UX or user experience is
important because it identifies how people feel when they use the website.

The skills and characteristics for a web designer to be good are countless such as
technical knowledge, using a good theme, user experience, and listening to clients, to
name a few. However, the most important element to be a good web designer is to
constantly learn to expand the skills as technology evolves rapidly.